About Oliver

Oliver was born on 20th October 2016. He has Prader Willi syndrome

For those that don’t know much about Prader Willi syndrome in short he will be slow to hit his milestones due to low muscle tone when he was born. He has struggled to feed from day one but that has improved and he will eventually catch up with other children.

Between the ages of two and four children with prader willi stop feeling full so he won’t know when he is full. If this isn’t managed properly he will become obese and will have the additional problems that come with that. With a good diet and educating him we should be able to help control this.

There is the potential for leaning difficulties but when we get to that bridge we will cross it. For now we are looking at learning makaton (simple sign language -mr tumble uses it) to help him as we’ve been told that speech can be delayed so this way he will be able to communicate with us if it is the case

Oliver is continuing to not only surprise us (mum and dad) with how well he is progressing but even health professionals are shocked at how quickly he is moving along

4 thoughts on “About Oliver

  1. I have a friend her son has same condition as Oliver and he continues to surprise us allhe is now 2 years old doing really well.

    I pray to god to give you strength and bless baby Oliver good health and happiness.
    Oliver will thrive and flourish with a super duper mum like you I want to wish you well and say mums like you are amazing .


  2. Hello Bec,

    My friend Fauzia told me about your posts and that she had left a message for you. I am the friend she mentioned who has a son with PWS! My son is coming up to two years and is doing so so well. It’s lovely to see Oliver’s journey, his photos remind me a lot of my son, Yaseen.

    Would be great to get in touch privately if you would like.

    Saiyma xx


    1. Yes she commented on my instagram page as well if I’m not mistaken! It would be amazing to connect up with another parent, do you have Facebook or an email address?! Xxx


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